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About Coronavirus


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to respond to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus that was first detected in China and has now spread internationally. While the virus is termed coronavirus, the sickness that results after infection has been termed COVID-19.

COVID-19 has now been declared a pandemic, which is a global outbreak of a disease.  


How We Disinfect Your Home

New Hospital-Grade Hard Surface Disinfectant:

As part of our efforts to protect our customers, Sir CleanAlot is proud to offer a new disinfectant service utilizing a product that meets the EPA criteria for use against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This hospital-grade product is designed for use on hard-surface touch points like doorknobs, countertops, etc. 

First, we mist an EPA-registered disinfectant on high-touch surfaces:  light switches, door handles, countertops, faucets and railings. After we mist each high-touch surfaces, we wipe them with the same broad-spectrum disinfectant, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure the best results.

Then, we use a hand-held misting fogger to mist the entire areas before moving to the next area.

The mist kills most germs and viruses within 15 minutes and usually dries within 20 minutes, so you can go back to using your rooms in almost no time. 

The same EPA-registered disinfectant can also be used in our carpet cleaning process.

With this optional add-on service, we spray the cleaner/disinfectant on the carpet, work it into the fibers and wait 10 minutes as it powerfully yet gently loosens dirt and kills germs. Then we use our hot-water extraction process to lift dirt and germs from your carpet or upholstery—leaving the fibers clean and fresh.


We continue to offer our other cleaning services such as our Carpet Sanitizer, an EPA-registered product that kills odor-causing bacteria in carpets. 




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